The best positions to enjoy and lose weight as a couple

During sexual encounter with your partner your whole body and mind comes into play. Almost you do not realize but it is one of the most enjoyable it is subjected human physical exercises. Yet despite this we can extract greater benefits for our abs, arms, chest, buttocks and even our calves if we add a touch of gym to some common sexual positions in the pair. We tell you about three of them who can provide extra benefits.

Exercising the abdominals

One of the biggest concerns regarding the physical is to maintain our strengthened belly and fit. Sexual lotus position can contribute to exercise our abs during intimacy with your partner. The woman sitting opposite him holding him and keeping eye contact. Legs wrapped his back and hug. This position allows them to work the lower abs with soft, short strokes.

Working arms and chest

Puppy known position is ideal for exercising the upper body. Hands, arms and forearms with pectorals. You can increase muscle benefit gently flexing your arms down and then up during sex. A demanding variant is slightly sideways rotate your body and support your arm on the bed trying to raise the torso. Sometimes the fluffy bed does not allow good support so you can choose the floor or other hard surface.

Working buttocks and calves

It requires standing and lean his leg on something higher, for example the edge of the couch. The body and arms to lean forward lean on the back of the sofa or wall. This position requires additional work gluteal leg is held high. Furthermore, if the sofa has a certain height and requires support your foot on the floor must stretch, much better. In this way the buttocks and thigh muscles and hamstrings and calf twins respectively called work. Is suitable alternate each leg support both to exercise both buttocks and legs evenly.

A fun way to love

Did you like entertaining and useful? Remember if you have any difficulties or feel pain is appropriate to suspend the requirement. You should always feel comfortable and fullness of your body, otherwise it will not provide benefits. Sex partner is not a competition or a private gym, is a private moment to be savored with intensity and pleasure. These small variations of positions also allow a fun swapping your partner. A small sample of innovation that will surprise you. Do you dare to unintentionally?

Learn to better enjoy

Madeleine M. Castellanos Dr., director of The Sex MD is a psychiatrist and specialist in the treatment of sexual dysfunction doctor. She is Latino (Cuban – American), and a passionate of positive thinking, exercise and nutrition. He believes that our diet and lifestyle can affect positively or negatively our health and way relationship with people. It promotes the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoptimizing our sexuality to contribute to our personal fulfillment and satisfaction in our relationships.