The couple in Eastern culture

The word “sex” xing in Chinese, is composed of xin radical “heart / thought” and sheng “growth / life.” Sexuality in China, since time immemorial, has been part of the culture and daily life, taking her as an excellent regulator of health, both physical and mental.


While in the West sexuality has been hidden and concealed for much of the last 2,000 years in China were already addressed in the first Han Dynasty (221 B.C. year – 24 A.D.) on sexual practices and benefits.

It is also true that not all periods in China were liberal with the subject. Western obscurantist stages were very severe with Christianity and have left an indelible mark on the history and psychology of terrestrial West, but China had periods of condemnation and censure, as sexuality is concerned, under the hand of Confucianism and Buddhism .

Taoism is, among all the Eastern philosophical currents, which gives an appropriate framework and welcomes the principles of Yin and Yang, very present in traditional Chinese culture, and current.

Yin fluids are women, her uterus, her female anatomy, ova, sperm Yang is male, between the two, united and indissoluble, even if antagonistic, life is created.

The sexual act is, while the way to perpetuate themselves as a species, sacred thing and, therefore, tied to the private world, how yin and yang are unified, are reunited and strengthened, uniting the couple and making each other nurtures members. There must be, then, pleasure for both components.


Literature has been a constant in Chinese sex life. For over 2,000 years, it has reference treaty or sex manuals like “Notes of Alcoba” which describes positions and advises on how to have a pleasant and happy sexual relationship, “The Amatoria Art Master Tongxuan”, “The Secrets of Alcoba de Jade “Master of harmony, Chong, where reference how to satisfy women, and several treatises on oral sex, how to control ejaculation and other sexual arts.

Not only were treated what the Western world has come to discover about this culture, exquisite poems or stories that talk about sexuality, are a clear demonstration of organic and worshiped nature of sexuality in China.


Sharing the same surname, was for centuries an impossible time to arrange a marriage. This has changed, no longer it has the terrible significance of yesteryear. Today, as much, the couple exchanged a kind of chart, Pa-tzu, which contains eight characters that indicate the compatibility of the contracting parties according to their date of birth. Dowry previously delivered, it has become obsolete, just as it has in the West

Man and woman

Chinese masculinity men differ in their concept of the West. Theirs is inextricably affected by the yin / yang relationship and the conception of essences union between man and woman as a whole. The West is more selfish and isolating, man is satisfied and conquest, the woman receives.

Women have suffered, as a class of society, a historical public discrimination. Even being powerful, intellectually very capable and politically astute, they have been for millennia, outside the social sphere. Girlish and submissive ghosts out, dragons inside.

They have had to adopt male disguises to carry out projects, otherwise impossible. Examples are the Amazons mentioned in the book “Flowers in the Mirror” (Qing Dynasty, Li Ju Chen, 1828), often confused with boys, or the popular character Mulan recreated by Disney, really called Hua Mulan.

The Chinese woman was seen as incapable of governing their desires, and therefore likely to be controlled with restrictions such as sexual segregation. Was no concept of ideal womanhood as one in which the woman was passive during intercourse, contrasted with the erotic potential of up to uncontrollably sensuous lady herself.

This is the reason for the valuation of modesty and submission that have characterized Chinese women.


They are no longer ancient traditions rooted in China sexual today. After the Cultural Revolution, things changed drastically. Today, China is experiencing a Sexual Revolution similar to that experienced in the West in the 70s Homosexual groups are still marginalized and harassed covertly, but the changes have no turning back. Sexual values ​​change, men, with new economic opportunities have changed their sexual axis and are attractive, as Westerners, for their show of power.

If traditionally sexually attractive man, was to have talents on economic slack, this has mutated, and now governing Western standards: the more you have, the more vouchers.

Advances in society a new generation of young exponents of free love and connoisseurs the world of thriving sex industry and nightlife in the country, as opposed to severe censorship of the Maoist regime that drowned, or tried to, Chinese libido during a good part of modern history.