The importance of Te quiero

Think for a moment, calmly … When is the last time you told your partner “I love you”? Remember the last time you told it to you?

Communicate to your partner love and attraction that we feel is very important. Love is not in reason but in momentum, in sensation, satisfaction. We are loved rationally is not enough. We need to tell us how much we want, we want, miss us. We need a hug, a caress, ultimately a constant reaffirmation that we are still the object of love and desire of the other.

Extroverted and introverted at the time of love

There are extroverts who have no problem saying, demonstrate and scream until their emotions. With a partner and we will never doubt. It is the person who verbalize their emotions, writes little notes, cards, networks account what he feels, declares in public as often as needed. It is a being that caresses, kisses and hugs.

Others are more introverted quiet and intense. They are not easily expressed. They feel the same emotions but saved more. The irrepressible explosions are not his thing. Yes, when they kiss, hug or say “I love you”, the intensity of their emotions is transmitted very deeply. Precisely because it is not usual.

different ways to say “I love you”

Neither love nor superfluous extroverted introvert loves less. Each is expressed in their own way. Now, what happens when the two partners are opposed?

It is important to know whom you love. Memory saberte the slightest gesture, inflection of his voice, the pressure of a caress. Look into the eyes of your partner when you speak and when you talk. Pausing to feel the breath at night. There are many ways to say “I love you” and each couple learns his most personal codes.

We have said many times that dialogue, communication, is one of the pillars of the relationship. If you’re the outgoing type and continually express what you feel but your partner is the introverted type, you can come to believe that not love you because you do not say. But nothing is further from his intention. If you look slow, you will see the seriousness with which you look at times, the strength of his embrace or heat from a single kiss. It is very likely that this fellow apparently “cold” concentrate all its heat in a fabulous sex or passionately defend what he loves (including you).

If you are the introverted type you may feel overwhelmed with hyperbole and caresses of your partner. You may feel an obligation to answer at all times with a reciprocal demonstration, but is not necessary. Just the other draws his love everywhere. It is very likely that when the time comes, becoming intensely focused on a single point. You know to be quiet and content if necessary and, above all, that all that energy and sentimental gibberish, is put only on you.

Did you know…?

With a glance you can say more than hundreds of words. Play with your partner, think about something and try to speak only with her eyes. Then guess what your partner means.

It is proven that caresses positively affect the mental and physical state of a person. Stroking and be petted is a way to convey emotions and great production of dopamine in the brain (the hormone of pleasure).

The pressure of a hug has important therapeutic effects. A hug is relaxing and reassuring. There are even simulating machines hugs exerted particular pressure and help children with syndromes such as autism. Have not you ever felt the physical need of a hug?

The kiss is a way of showing affection and passion, and also an atavistic and biological way of mixing fluids with the other so that our body “responds” to the call sexual and emotional on an upward climb. The kiss is a very intimate act that, depending on the culture in which we live, have a single social or private setting. A good kiss knows how to communicate “I love you” very clear.

The magic words “I love you” said with all the excitement that enclose are a balm, a bridge, an alliance with a stronger than any contract signed. It is important to tell your partner “I love you”. The way you know, as you get it, but do not miss the chance.