The Ten Commandments of Marriage

There are no magic recipes to get married happily fulfill years, but the experience of those who have already gone through it and have achieved strong relationships decades, gives us a kind of “commandments” to keep in mind to follow in his footsteps. Which are?

Many of the silly discussions couple are due to one of the two he assumes that the other scored a common commitment, but actually, you forgot, did not hear or ignored without retaining it. Make sure you know, and your partner has learned, the activities planned jointly and independently. Remind him early, well in advance because not return to forget, so take this into account.

Thanksgiving, Labor Day and Easter with your in-laws and Christmas, Easter and October 12 with your parents, for example. Reserve Halloween New Year and to be with your immediate family and friends, they also deserve some special date.

It is an elementary rule of politeness, but sometimes, to live, things are taken for granted as being friendly and more interest shown by the postman by the person who supposedly love and with whom you decided to share your life. It is important to show and feel that they care about us.

Okay, your partner “lost” time doing this or that thing that you think it stupid. No matter, let it do what you need to do and take your time on something else. Be tolerant, do not fight in vain. Everyone needs time alone and independently for not glutted other.

When not be right, even if you think you always have it, recognize it and give your partner the right. It’s annoying and fight against it subconsciously, but when you feel that the other is right, you must grant it.

Tell your partner that you love him and what you like about him or her. It will make you happy and I encourage you to look at every day with new and appreciative eyes. Reminding the other qualities make you feel better and generates an exchange of positive energy. And if you tell him how much you like, suddenly and by surprise …. it will be very effective.

It is normal, expected and desirable that your partner makes you praise. Accept them with ease and a smile. Do not argue that you look good with arguments like “I’m like a cow” or “my hair is fatal” or “I have to shave,” want reassurance but you will get not make you more fulfilled, in addition to thwart their spontaneity when you looks cute or attractive.

Okay, it is the person who knows you and you let him see who you really are, but it might not lean much comfort in that and never show your best side but the weakest and carenciado. Your partner also needs you happy and with confidence in yourself, and you present to strangers, sometimes needs to rest to carry the weight of your ugliest moments. Do not show only the negative.

If you do not feel like in the momentto that the other does, he tries, even a little, get on the same page. If it works, you’ll be surprised how quickly you get excited when you feel that the other wants you.

Thank you found a person who is with you always, share your life with its good and bad, loves you and you love. Do not assume that this happens every day and everyone. The connection you have with your partner is unique and unrepeatable and you are the lucky person who has succeeded.