Tips for a couple adopt a dog

They are happy together, I spend a great share house, hobbies, life … and although they have not yet formed a large family, round the idea of ​​adding a new item to your particular system: a dog. We give seven reasons why adopting a charming four-legged friend is a very good idea.

Fun together. Unless you really have very “ornery” (or is ill), a dog always is happy to be with their owners and eager to play with them. In fact, they are surprised by the huge variety of dog toys currently sold. Although they really only need one thing to enjoy: your company and outdoors.

Learning to care for a living being. This applies to childless couples, obviously. A puppy and a baby is not comparable (or very healthy treat our pet as if it were a person), but both are alike in that they are two adorable creatures who rely on their caregivers.

Ease tensions. Dogs are great therapists. With their presence, trusting and loving, relaxing environment tensions and put us in touch with our feelings. So we resort to them in therapies elderly, blind or autistic children. Needless to say they can also help clear the stormy discussions couple.

Enjoy your unconditional love. Any dog ​​owner will tell you: what of those furry four-legged beings that’s unconditional love. We love always, no matter what our mood. When your dog gets giving them jump for joy every time you get home, when snuggled beside noticing they are sad, when they wake up in the morning … licking they will have no choice but to fall in love with him. And recognize that often, people should learn a lot from that way of loving unconditionally.

Do more exercise. Unless adopt a chihuahua, be aware that your dog will need to move to stay happy and healthy. And although tempted to open the door to leave the garden and take a few laps, attempt to do so only rarely. He needs to walk, run, breathe fresh air, enjoy the outdoors. And you too! At least give him a long walk each day. Or go run together. All return home as new.

Accept responsibility. A dog does not need frills, but basic care they require of you to be responsible and consistent. For example, they can not spend many hours away from home if he needs them to exit your needs. They will have to plan your trips considering their presence. If you are a couple who just move in together, this will prepare them to take on new and more complex responsibilities, such as creating a family.

Have a new best friend. Another secret of dog is that people consider their pets their best friends. And they want more than many people around. This too shall pass to you. And if you plan to have children, know that without a doubt dog and children will love madly.