Tips for Women

We are not perfect, we have never been and never will be, even if we want to believe that yes and they, our husbands and boyfriends almost believe it. if you’re reading this because you know something is missing in your role as wife, your husband is not entirely happy, however much they go over what you do not know what exactly. Why not review boards to see if you forgot some detail so that your relationship is optimal?

Not always right

You do not have it, and leave that. Sometimes it is out of conviction but sometimes it is a kind of competitive sport that does not get you anywhere. Why you have to always have the last word Why do you feel that you have the absolute truth and you have to let them know by any means? When many women get together, husbands go to the category of older children, and when you come home you stay with that cliché the head. No, he has many truths to his credit as you have, what happens is you get tired of arguing MUCH faster than you.

His friends are gold

The meeting you had before and is happy with them. Share outings, sports, hobbies or love doing nothing watching a game, but they are part of it. Whether you like it or not, you must respect your friends, your husband is a grown man and if you chose you, it is assumed that retains good judgment, right? They do not have the same style / habits / origin than you, does not mean they are not highly valuable. Instead of criticizing, what if we try to know them a little?

Do not accompany you to buy

He hates that. Le bored. Want to die when you invite shopping, you know that if you fold, you become angry … but if you will have lost several hours of your life. He did not like to run behind you from store to store, only cross miserable glances with other husbands in the same situation and everyone will be bad mood.

Ask him (really) how it was the day

You know your job you like, or not, but is an essential part of his life, the same as yours is yours. You may have had a dreadful day, may have had a wonderful day, but it sure will share will like. What if you do a break in your routine and you sit down to chat with him for a while?

Do not be eternal victim

You have much to do, are multifaceted, are wonderful and do everything alone. Already you know you, know your neighbors, your friends and family. For! If you really can not yet ask for help, if you can with that and more, do it with a smile. But do not complain more, that does not make you want more, you will stay away faster.

Tell her she’s sexy, tell him you love him

He needs too. You need to be known loved and desired needs to be known, self-esteem requires food. Not just to accept having sex, it is that look, you want to seduce him. Of course it has a little tummy and a little less hair, but … are you the same? Both need to feel wanted and loved and become an intimate moment for two is fundamental.