Tips that technology does not harm your relationship

It is clear that technology has gotten so in our life we ​​can not imagine a day without it. The smartphone, Internet, social networks, all part of everyday life, and that has spread to the most delicate aspect of our reality, relationships with others.

More and more people who know the Internet. From labor relations to cohabiting couples end and building a family. The technology is not just for knowing but plays an important role in fights, reconciliations, jealousy and even divorces. The social network Facebook has caused more than one infidelity and divorce since it appeared.

Sexting is a common sexual practice that would not exist without the Internet and smart phones and, according to a survey published by Psychology Degree, one out of three users would rather give up sex before their smartphones. The technology is present in relations to the point that many no longer light up a cigarette after a good sex session, but firing your cell-phone to check emails, Whatsapp or social networks.

Tips to get the technology your intimate life

So, it is a good idea to negotiate with your partner when or not to use the technology.

1. Schedule and Tech-free places. Having a time slot where it all goes online connection and, thus, hear and interact with the other without any interference. Eat together, watch a movie, go for a walk and, of course, have sex without warnings “have an e-mail” is a purpose that will do much good to the relationship.

2. Share or accounts and passwords. There are long-standing partners who have accounts in common or known passwords other. Intimacy is important and not all people are willing to do this. Confidence in the couple should be above about your private password.

3. The sexting is fun with the precautions. But in bed, once together, you can try other communications that have already been proposed before bedtime. Fantasies feed on imagination, and imagination needs freedom and disconnection.

4. Professions guards. If your partner or have a profession that requires them to be connected, you can be left in an audible place the device necessary, in the event that there really is an emergency, but far enough to go to not check “just in case” .

5. Online while disconnected together. Within the schedule to be connected, it is imperative that the schedule is made together, so that all possible weather is disconnected in common and one of them will not stay off the hook. It is essential to respect what has been agreed. Always

In short, the technology is part of our life, it helps build relationships, communicate and is a source of arguments and fights. If we live with it, we must also learn to do without it because we know that “three’s a crowd”.