Transvestism in the couple

If occurs once, as a wild and extravagant made at a party of friends, it is can be an amusing anecdote. But when playing with some regularity and how much occasion, you may find it annoying and even disturbing. I mean the taste for cross-dressing of some husbands. They are transsexuals, but like to dress as a woman. Did you happened something?

Perhaps the grotesque character and imposts attitudes and exaggerated laughter call those present when done as a joke. It is also likely that only a manifestation of their fun and expansive spirit. It is even possible that you also amuse you at times their stereotyped action. But what about when that spontaneity becomes something expected, stimulated and even prepared in advance.

What if one day, when you get home, you find your partner trying on your clothes, makeup or wigs? Perhaps he receive you with a wide smile accomplice and fun.

Will announce a firm masculine voice that is preparing to astound your friends at the next party. How would you feel about that situation?

Not everything is a game

You may feel confused. You know he is a very good partner and is very masculine at all times. Much more in the privacy of the bedroom. But some of his attitudes you seem extemporaneous or inappropriate. You do not know how to say, without being considered an affront to her spontaneity and fun spirit that you feel awkward and disconcerted by his attitude.

Sit down and talk to him and ask how he feels and what motivates him cross-dressing in private and intimate meetings. You might have some kind of sexual fetishism in the texture of the clothes or in a printed erotic memory in your subconscious. Transvestism is an option, but you can feel out of the game.

Checking the origin

First you should check your feelings for him. You should be very honest with yourself and know if you still want as before. It happens that heartbreak can manifest itself very differently in each person. Perhaps yesterday you looked super fun today you seem unserious. Have you always had that trend? Since when externalized in that way that hidden side? If it is a game and a taste that always accepted, but now it bothers you, something has happened in your feelings.

However, if this practice is relatively recent you should look in your memory the exact moment that it all began. Was it accidental or premeditated? Do friends supported him in his attitude as if for them is not something unknown? Has he talked to you? Perhaps you should consider that spontaneous wild success of its first appearance, it has conditioned much you feel you should repeat it as often as possible. It is even likely that he does not feel as fun as it sounds. It is only part of its commitment to friendship and desire to be taken into account. In that case, talk to him. Reaffirms enhances their self-esteem and other values. If you still love him, your task will be to rescue him from this singular state, if it is not what you really want.

You love him but he insists on putting their interest elsewhere. If so, probably you refuse to accept your questions and suggestions. You may even be angry with you and your supposed lack of reproach libertarian spirit. He will insist prove their masculinity and will base a wig, a dress or a lipstick do not change the strong man underneath. It will reaffirm its willingness to continue enjoying his disguise and expansive public attitudes. What would you do in this situation? If you do not find answers, perhaps you should go back to what we said at the beginning to check their feelings … and his. Remember that transvestism is an expression that is not always related to homosexuality or bisexuality.

marriage counseling

If this gets in the couple seriously as indicated it is to go to a professional who can put some light on the problem. Maybe from the outside, a qualified and objective observer can help much more to frame and understand what is happening. Also to accept some unresolved issues that may arise and manifest themselves in this way.