WhatsApp and partner: Operation Guide

The WhatsApp facilitates the communication but, like all tools, you have to know how to use wisely. This is a brief guide to proper use through all stages of a relationship.

When not yet known

A friend told you about a good friend and has taught you your photos. He has also spoken highly of you. You look very attractive and you die by sending a WhatsApp. Yes or no? Yes !, as they have a friend in common. Introduce yourself with a funny message and when he answers you play to swap some more.

The same advice applies to message with someone you’ve known in Faceboo k or other social network. Just be prudent, keep a phone conversation or Skype before and make sure that person is who they say they (look for his name on Google or Linkedin …)

The golden rules for messages with people who do not even know in person is two

Remember to keep a cheerful and light tone. Still they have not seen, so the WhatsApp is to flirt, to open your mouth and have really wanted to meet face to face.

If you are a woman not afraid to take the initiative, demonstrate interest is a sign of intelligence and self-esteem and men flatters them. But, whether you are male or female, if you do not answer or does not insist with polite monosyllables. It’s quite clear that the interest exists only on your part signal.

When already known … a little

They have had one or two appointments, or finally met through their mutual friend. Anyway, personally they are known.

At this stage it is perfectly normal and fun want to send WhatsApps. It is a sign that are attracted to the other (which is very heavy right answer or send such messages when there is no interest?)

This medium can help them a little more intimacy, counted things of everyday life, sent images of the sites where they are … accomplices details that help create a link. It is also great for flirting, be sent sexy photos, arouse erotic interest.

However, do not use this system to say things you ashamed to say face to face or to tell stories about your past or your deepest feelings. Sincerarse too through the phone screen is easier but also more risky because you can not look into the eyes of the other person and observe their reactions, which make you feel vulnerable. In addition, it is a kind of poor communication in the absence of the other’s response.

When they are in a relationship

The WhatsApp is ideal as a means of communication in stable relationships. Maintains an endless conversation and fill complicities. Photos, jokes, jokes, funny, spicy or relief comments … Everything has a place. It is especially useful in distance relationships because it allows feel emotionally close to the couple at all times.

Use it to strengthen the bond between them. In this case it is a good way to communicate feelings, since they already have enough mutual trust, and is especially lovely when used for a “I love you” unexpected that the other receives when it is at work or just wake up.

However, do not say anything WhatsApp you know you should say to the face. As such, they have fired you, that “we need to talk” or you’re pregnant.

After the rupture

The WhatsApp is fantastic to exchange practical messages without talking, which could be painful to them in these circumstances. For example, you can use it to tell your ex to pick up their books to your home the day passes by your maid.

Needless to say, the WhatsApp is takes for those moments of post-break in which solitude is so overwhelming depression that dragged ourselves to our ex to get some attention or providing relief confess our feelings of homesickness. Try to surround yourself with friends who stop you, even if your feelings pass from sadness to anger. And if you can not avoid a supplicant WhatsApp or enraged at 4 in the morning, at least learn the lesson and contact blocks or elimimna when you die of shame the next morning.